My Video Won’t Show Up on a Projector but Works on a Computer

My Video Won’t Show Up on a Projector but Works on a Computer

To better represent my purpose of this post I have changed the image meaning I admit the first one was a mistake. This post it truly meant to be about a conversation so please take a minute to read the comments. The discussion happening is just as interesting maybe more as the actual post. Also, if you sell products there or buy from the site this is not attack on you personally, I am simply asking you to think and consider my points. I think teachers are selling things that work in their classroom. Amazing things no doubt, but the skills, format, imagery and wording is built around what works for their kids or their population. I feel I do my best teaching when I meet the needs of the kids in my classroom. TPT sells almost everything in a PDF format making it impossible for me to change things even slightly to meet the needs of my class. We all work hard for the little money we get. Why is it being used?

No OSHA Compliance

Not only did I get to see a group of children use it, but I got to use it, too. At first glance, the ActivTable looks like a giant iPad. However, it is so much more. The ActivTable is a collaboration tools where up to six users can interact at one time.

The teacher will have Math Playground pulled up on the promethean board and ActivInpsire to model how the equivalent fractions can be found. 2. The teacher will pause throughout the game to check student understanding, ask questions, help solve the problems, and answer any .

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How do i hook up my promethean board

One of the first things that many teachers want to do is to be able to hook them up to their Interactive Whiteboards to show whatever is on the screen to a class. But here they all are in one handy blog post. This does work pretty well, although you are tethered by the cable and sometimes the connector can work loose. Not every app will work in landscape mode, so you do get some flickering as the mode shifts.

You are simply hooking up the iPad to the projector. You can then connect your iPad to the Apple TV over a wireless network.

Using the Splashtop app, you can connect your iPad to your computer and actually control it from the iPad’s screen. Since your Hovercam is connected to the computer, you can open the Hovercam’s software and control it from your iPad.

There are two ways for iPad mirroring to occur: Mirroring a laptop to an iPad When you mirror your laptop to your iPad, your iPad will display everything that is on your laptop screen, giving you the ability to control your laptop with your iPad. The Doceri program is free for evaluation purposes. When you are using the free trial, a watermark will appear when you use the annotating feature. There will also be a watermark when creating screencasts with Doceri.

Chrome Remote Desktop Chrome Remote Desktop is a simple remote desktop viewer that displays your computer screen on your iPad and allows you to control it wirelessly. Opening both applications on your laptop and iPad while on the same wireless network will allow you to connect the devices and view your desktop screen on your iPad. Click here for additional information and help with Chrome Remote Desktop. This is great for introducing apps to students or demonstrating how you want them to work with a specific app.

Here are some options that are available to you… a. The drawback of the VGA adapter is that you are limited in mobility. The benefit of this method is that students can easily see how your fingers are interacting with the app. Having the ability to be mobile with your iPad is definitely the greatest advantage to this method.

No OSHA Compliance

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Using an iPad as an alternative to an interactive whiteboard Posted on settembre 25, by tutor lim With more and more schools (and teachers) getting iPads, I’m increasingly being asked how a teacher can hook up their iPad to their interactive whiteboard.

Mar 29, I have read of connecting the iPad to the digital projector via iPad-HDMI cable, but I want to be able walk around the classroom, not tied to the projector. Not directly, and not without some help, but there are ways to get that effect. You can not go direcly from iPad to Promethean board you need to go through the projector. While as of now the only way to go directly from the iPad to the projector is through a cable, you have several options to go through a second device.

Connect an Apple TV to your projector. This allows you to “mirror” duplicate so you see the same image on both screens the iPad screen to the projector and thus to the board. Y Use the iPad to control the computer with an app such as Remote Desktop. This won’t show the iPad screen on the board, but will allow you to show the computer screen and control it from the iPad. You will be able to use the Promethean software, which will not work for options 1 or 3.

Reflection is a fairly new app that allows you to mirror an iPad onto a Mac which could then be connected to the projector. I haven’t used it yet, since our school is primarily Windows, but one teacher plans on trying it with her Mac. Apparently it doesn’t fully take up the screen, so you’ll see an iPad on a computer screen as in the picture on the website , although I assume you can enlarge it to fill up the screen.

I Teach Kindergarten and I Don’t Like Teachers Pay Teachers

Sex search How do i hook up my promethean board Mar 29, I have read of connecting the iPad to the digital projector via iPad-HDMI cable, but I want to be able walk around the classroom, u tied to the projector. Boarc directly, and not without some help, promethfan there are ways to get that effect. You can not go direcly from iPad to Promethean proemthean you need to go through the projector.

While as of now the only way mg go directly from the iPad to the projector is through a cable, Sluts in athersley north have several options to go through a second device. Connect an Apple TV to your projector. This allows you to How do i hook up my promethean board duplicate so you see the same image on both screens the prmoethean screen to the projector and thus to the board.

Jun 08,  · This bump in hardware specs was just enough to allow me to deploy this unit as a computer connected to our Promethean Board in the media center. Before placing this unit in the media center, we had to make a laptop available to hook to the mobile board.

Join the occupational therapists at Hosmer School, always searching for ways to improve school function and student participation! These sensory processing patterns tend to stay with us throughout life. Hopefully the more we understand our sensory selves, the more we can develop strategies to help us navigate through life. Having grown up in a large family, I am used to a significant amount of auditory chaos. I can generally tolerate a noisy working environment.

This suits me in my current job as I work with students in a variety of natural environments: Each classroom has different noise levels. I think this reflects the range of tolerance individual teachers have for sound. If a teacher is an Avoider, the classroom is probably more structured and quiet.

I Teach Kindergarten and I Don’t Like Teachers Pay Teachers

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined

Did you know that if you use an interactive white board (properly) to teach your students can increase achievement by (Marzano). This site was created for K teachers and educators who use a Smart Board interactive whiteboard in their classroom.

I still love the feeling of a real book in my hands; paper, glue, stitching, and all. But there is a website that sparked my interest in digital books. Without over-the-top animation or lots of bells and whistles, One More Story makes reading fun and exciting for kids. Through a simple point and click process, teachers, students, and parents can choose a book, admire the illustrations, and listen to the narration of the story as the book is read aloud.

Since many of us are using interactive whiteboards in our classrooms, we have the tools to project picture books up on a large screen, making the image big enough so that all of our students can see the illustrations and the text clearly — not just the first few rows of students sitting right by our feet! This site can be used for digital read-alouds projected to the whole class or used in small groups.

It can also be used to help build reading skills for students on an individual basis. There is even a “Teacher Place” where you can assign books to your students and check in on what they have been reading. The complete list of books is pretty impressive. With so many students reading at different levels across grades, I look forward to seeing more books added to the shelves over time. The site is beautifully organized and easy to use.

Click on the colored tabs and pick a book.

iPad for Teachers?

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I can project and choose to use the pen or just use my whiteboard markers (which is sometimes handy if I want to leave up writing but flip to a new slide) I can still control the board if I want but I can .

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Interactive whiteboards & alternatives

All items with blue underlined text are links to other forms or documents. Please ask if you have questions about any of these items. You will need to add all relevant information barcodes, etc. The form will tell you whether you need to include the barcode from the equipment. Jan has a list of the individual device barcodes.

Plug the other end of the VGA cable into the video out port on the laptop. If connecting to a Mac computer, a VGA cable adapter or dongle will be required to connect the VGA cable to the laptop. Calibrating the Promethean Board. The laptop’s image will be projected on the Promethean board.

Point 2 View Super Tips: At its most basic, projecting onto a large screen takes three devices: You can see the setup in the diagram below. Or, you may be the one supplying the laptop to act as the interface between the projector and Point 2 View. Just slip the CD into the drive and follow the directions. Setting the video output to the projector is probably the trickiest part of your journey.

Connecting and Using Promethean Board Pens

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