Talk:International Churches of Christ/Archive 1

Talk:International Churches of Christ/Archive 1

So what is discipling? One of the problems is that the term can be ambiguous -ICOC preachers have used it as a cover term for teaching, training, correcting and rebuking. In the culture of the ICOC it had become implied that any true Christian church must have this system of one-over-one discipling. One blogger critic of the ICOC discovered a sermon discussing the relationship of Jonathan and David and that it resembled an effective discipling relationship. If this is true, what are the implications? Surely this would be attributing a modern concept of discipling over David. Yes, he had godly friendships that help him in his walk, but the responsibility to have a personal discipler was an unknown concept for the people of the day. Besides, the bible cleary attributes the impetus for his sin to laziness as Kings should lead their armies in war, not stay at the palace , not the lack of a personal human leader 2 Samuel Interpreting scripture in light of one-over-one discipling is dangerous and borders on idolatry. Bad leaders who take on roles as disciplers can wield damaging influence over their followers and should they rise up through the ranks, can lead whole congregations and regions astray.

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I have color-coded the seven family groups mentioned below to differentiate the direct and indirect relationships they bear to one another. There are seven major families of denominations which comprise the Biblical Historical Christian faith: Some were Nestorians, others were “monophysites” a complex understanding of Christology unfairly declared heretical.

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The ICC is Christian in its basic theology but has some aberrant practices. The ICC was influenced by the discipling movement on the ‘s. The Crossroads Church had a program on discipling which became known as the Crossroads Movement. The Boston Church grew by leaps and bounds due to its heavy discipling program. Soon other churches were being planted in the United States and then in England. The ICC considers Christian denominations to be sinful. They will cite biblical passages that speak of the apostles establishing one Church per city and claim that there should only be one Church in each city.

As of the year , the ICC claims to have over churches with a membership of , worldwide in over countries. The International Church of Christ considers itself to be “a family of Christian churches whose members are committed to living their lives in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ as found in the Bible.

In fact, it is this overly-strong emphasis on discipling that has drawn as much criticism from outside the church as inside – from those who were once members. The ICC is Orthodox, affirms the Trinity, salvation by grace, Jesus’ virgin birth, and physical resurrection, His deity, the personhood of the Holy Spirit, heaven and hell, and much more. But, it deviates from orthodoxy in both its requirement of baptism as a necessary element for salvation and its heavy requirement of discipleship.

According to the ICC, baptism must be done in their church with the person being baptized having an understanding that baptism saves.

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Former icoc members. Queen of the Damned (Recovering from Cult Life).

In an age when many people have lost touch with any kind of immediate community, the ICOC gives members something to belong to and feel a part of. Critical Perspectives on the International Churches of Christ. Those involved were able to icoc church and initiate an environment conducive to building bridges. Centered on the University of Florida, this program called for a strong evangelical outreach and an intimate religious atmosphere in the form of soul talks and prayer partners.

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It was from Los Angeles in that Moscow, Russia was planted. In the first year in Manila, were baptized into Christ! Elena is pictured on the far right. Of note, in the summer of after planting Manila, Kip courageously moved his family to Cairo after seven of the original eight mission team members — who were Americans — were deported by the government.

This was a daring decision for Kip, Elena and their three young children. Kip felt that if he was to call others to preach in such life-threatening places as the Middle East, he himself must set an example to demonstrate this radical level of faith and sacrifice.

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The concept of discipling became twisted when seeking advice in reality meant seeking permission -this was the policy in the ICOC regarding dating, for example. ‘Going against advice’ was frowned upon and seen as ‘rebellious’, therefore ‘against God’s will’.

I am just the vocal one. Many of whom have also cut off their families, and friends unless they are part of ICOC or ICC International Christian Churches, the relatively new faction, an offshoot of the original church, led by Kip McKean , who was asked to step down from leadership, so he started a whole new church, and recruited a lot of the disciples from ICOC in a time where the church was very weak thanks to a lot of very shady going-ons.

The saddest thing for me is to see these adult Kingdom Kids, my would be, once upon a time brothers and sisters, and to experience their judgments and feel that complete disconnect. I wonder if they went back, or stayed because they need to feel a part of something. I grew up in those rooms, in the bowels of The Shrine Auditorium every other week, and then sitting in those red cushioned chairs during huge church conferences.

These people were my family, some are still my best friends. As you can see, I have maintained relationships from ICOC, and to be honest, I am thankful for the church for giving me such amazing friendships, and teaching me how to be a friend, how to forgive, and instilling an integrity in me I may have otherwise never found. My wedding, all my beautiful bridesmaids, and my hubby Unfortunately, this integrity, and ability to make deep lasting friendships came at a huge cost.

I was taught to be a model Christian, and was brainwashed into following not The Bible, but my leaders to a fault. The problem with following people is they all have their own ideas on what you should say, think, feel and do. And they were wrong.

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You can see that report here: Both sides weighed in on the cult debate. You will need windows media player to view the following report: They can meet almost anywhere, including college dormitories, restaurants, and members’ houses. Bible Talks, or ‘Family Groups’, are designed so that disciples can read the Bible together and build relationships with others in the church. All are encouraged to invite guests as a way for the guest to be introduced to the Church in a more informal setting.

How are dating church, and international churches of the icoc on the singles site, faithful, lessons, as well as st. To raise awareness and authority boundaries. Watch breaking news and family of christ download our existence that have left the better.

Weekly observance of the Lord’s Supper [15]: In American congregations, the terms “Communion” or “body and blood” are used. The term “Eucharist” is not used. Though doctrinally Churches of Christ hold to the closed communion viewpoint, in practice congregations rarely prohibit visitors from taking communion, on the view that per 1 Corinthians All but “a very small segment” of churches use unfermented grape juice instead of wine [17]: Membership grew in 33 states and declined in The percentage of members attending services appears to be high relative to that of other Christian groups.

The divorce rate was 6.


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I am not sure if this site is still monitored but just found it when I decided to see if the ICOC was still around. After reading these comments and the feelings from others it gave me a little relief or justification for my decision to leave LA area in the 90’s.

Kyle Minor Concerned parents are alarmed that the International Church of Christ tells vulnerable students they must be baptized in their churches and follow their strict rules to find salvation. Sophomore Chris Lee had known nothing but success. Athletic, intelligent and handsome, Lee had been a high school valedictorian.

Now he was a straight-A student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT , the most prestigious engineering university in the United States, double-majoring in aeronautics-astronautics and electrical engineering and on the fast track to becoming a NASA space-shuttle mission specialist. I had experienced all this success, and I began saying that there must be something more.

After attending church as a child, Lee had given atheism and agnosticism two-year trial runs and found them inadequate. He systematically studied each major world religion and finally concluded that only Christianity represented truth. Get Spirit-filled content delivered right to your inbox! Click here to subscribe to our newsletter. But he struggled with hate and unforgiveness. Old grudges kept him from giving himself completely to Jesus, and his connection with Christianity was only intellectual.

Lee was intrigued by the overt spirituality of the group as they prayed over the food and talked openly about God. Hungry for answers and eager to connect with Christians, Lee accepted an invitation to study the Bible the next day and began studying the First Principles series created by International Churches of Christ founder Kip McKean. He finished in nine days and was immediately baptized.

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For us, the bible is the center of everything we believe and do. We look to God’s words to direct us through Scriptures and His Spirit.

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This is the reason I left Wiki, this whole article is nothing but bias Propaganda. People on self crusades ruin Wiki. Removed section on “Kip McKean’s new movement” I took out this section, because all of this is very well covered in Kip McKean , and is not germane to the scope of this article. McKean’s current church a “movement” is a topic already discussed at length on WP.

An entry on the “Portland Movement” was deleted by consensus, for while McKean and his followers would like to portray it as a sequel to the “Boston Movement,” the numbers do not yet support that conclusion. I just looked up Kip Mckean and saw only two small paragraphs!!

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There is an obvious emphasis on this concept. Jesus is either Lord of all or not at all. You must make Jesus Lord in all areas of your life. Areas of Lordship 1. What costs do you need to count within your marriage? Be a godly wife. Single disciples should only date and marry disciples. Where will you find a disciple to date? Parenting Be a godly parent. Teach your kids about God. Bring them to church. Be an example for them of putting God first.

They will learn from you how to prioritize God and the body of Christ.

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